Chandrakala Red Ruby Set


“Chandrakala” – Hand-carved Necklace with Red Ruby Coloured Stone as a Part of Rajwadi Set Jewellery

Feel the attraction of the old royalty “Chandrakala,” a necklace hand-carved in Rajwadi style and stars a sparkling Red Ruby Coloured Stones. Every beautifully carved detail tells the story of an eternal elegance and the flowing charm of royalty. The picture was drawn following the example of the moon which justifies the high level of craftsmanship of the time. Let your body revel in the splendor of history as you see the dazzling beauty of the “Chandrakala”, as it’s a symbol of respect and grace.

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“Chandrakala” – Jewellery “Rajwadi” – Handcrafted Necklace – Set with Red Ruby Coloured Gemstones

Get absorbed into the world of the ancient Rajwadi customs by wearing the “Chandra Kala,” a neckpiece of intricate carvings and the sparkling rubies. Every skilfully woven detail narrates the tale of opulence and tradition, all completed with a touch that bring the vibrancy from the past. The center of this dazzling combination is a glamorous ruby stone, which reminds one of the beauty of distant stars and the power of the royal grace.

The pendant is an intricately hand-crafted piece of art that brings together the splendor of Indian palaces and the complexity of woven rugs from the olden times, which is presented in the motifs on the necklace. Each and every edge and curve tells a unique story of patience and intricacy, thus to make “Chandrakala” not just a piece of jewelry, but a work of art that will be treasured for years to come.

The necklace is also complementary to the earrings, which are filled with shining ruby stones, symbolizing age-old delicacy of the collection. Whether it is an outfit for a special event or that of the daily wear outfit, “Chandrakala” has the features of being the most luxurious Rajwadi garment, offering this link to the Indian rich cultural heritage that otherwise could not be done. While you put on the “Chandrakala” gem as an accessory, allow it to be a constant reminder of how Rajwadi craftsmanship is not only stunning and timeless, but also has enduring appeal.

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